1. Liebster is a Weird Word


    April 2, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    But thank you anyway. Credit: I was nominated by Elle over at Worth the Drama, a blog dedicated to oldies, …
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  2. Determine to Prove a Villain


    March 31, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    Actors who should play villains at least once: Determine to prove a serial killer: Kim Woo Bin For obvious reasons, …
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  3. Superman’s Feminism


    March 30, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    I am excited at the possibilities for this show. Generally, I like getting a read on others’ reactions, and a …
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  4. O! My Henry (Take One)

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    March 24, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    For those who don’t know, O. Henry was the pseudonym of a popular American storyteller William Syndey Porter waaaaaay back …
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  5. I’m Actually Hilarious


    March 16, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    Not so long ago if you had suggested making my presence known online through blogging, or even commenting on other …
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  6. Watch Them If You’re Wise

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    March 16, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    Theme for (4 out of) Seven Souls: Kill Me Heal Me Track Three: Them There Eyes I fell in love …
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  7. A Weird Kinda Wonderful


    March 6, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    While we’re on a mental health kick, why not think outside the box straight-jacket? Here are some bizarre mental/neurological disorders …
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  8. It’s Okay, It’s Love

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    March 4, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    Every now and then I wonder why dramas don’t do (faux) Oedipal/Electra complexes as often as they do fauxcest (or …
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  9. How Many Moons


    February 14, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    Happy National Chocolate Day people! This had been on the back burner for a while, but it fit for the …
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  10. Corny Literalist

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    February 6, 2015 by museofmanymasks

    I’m not even sure the lyrics would be relevant (in fact I know two songs that would not be), but …
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