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Last updated: April 15, 2015

Disjointed Randomness:

  • Maybe it’s just an American thing, but I’m used to movies based on the lives of popular artists. Like The Temptations, Dream Girls, Cadillac Records, etc. Even if the movies themselves are not great (as in blatant sensationalism), its fun looking into the b-side of artists’ lives and often bring older artists to the attention of new generations. In this case, it would be a great comprehensive review of the who’s who in music for foreign audiences.
  • A sageuk focusing on an executioner. We see them quite frequently with all the near-beheadings, but never from their perspective.
  • A darker version/spin-off of Haeundae Lovers: a prosecutor goes undercover as a gangster but loses his memory and actually thinks he’s a gangster, thus becoming embroiled in the criminal underworld, and quickly rises in rank. His lady-love also goes undercover to retrieve him, but finds herself conflicted: she could have everything she ever wanted…but on the wrong side of the law. [insert cool title here] focuses on the moral ambiguity of society, the cost of greed, and other neat stuff. Heartless City in ambiance and New World in politics.
  • A mini-drama satirizing the intersection of drama tropes and scenery : i.e. break up or dirty deal at the Han River pans out to show 5 more just like it going on, and the same with rooftop confessions, piggy back rides, drunk people vomiting etc. It should be named (It’s a Small World) After All.
  • There should be a drama about an actor or actress that specializes in method acting and can’t break cast. Better yet, a whole slew of them. It can be called Actors Anonymous and feature a several of them who go to group therapy which ends up more like an ad-lib class. It’d be even funnier if Kim Myung-min was in it; especially if the character got stuck in a role like this. Hope no one ever casts him as a serial killer.
  • It’d be cool to see more folklore as inspiration for dramas and movies (of the non-erotic sort). I’ve read stories here and there and seen references, but it would be neat to see them fully dramatized and plus it would be informative for foreign audiences.
  • There should be a drama highlighting the plight of Korean EMTs since 4 out of 5 dramaland emergencies do not end with calling an ambulance, but someone getting piggybacked to the hospital. If everyone does that I bet their salaries are embarrassingly low for medical professionals. I’m thinking something Robin Hood-esque would be hilarious.

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