A Fool’s Plea


These are some tropes/plots/adaptations, etc. that I’d like to see tackled in a Korean drama/movie off the top of my head. The ones in purple are some which I might write myself. Updated regularly.

Last updated: February 1, 2015


  • I’m a big fan of the classics, especially screwball comedies. Please please please make a version of Arsenic and Old Lace and cast Shin Sung Rok as Johnathan. You will thank me.
  • My Man Godfrey with William Powell and Carole Lombard. It’s practically a drama anyway: a scatterbrained heroine randomly falls in love with a strange man harboring a secret identity. She has a scheming sister, a crazy mother, and a grumpy father in dire financial straits. It seriously writes itself.
  • The Court Jester would make a hilarious historical drama. Or change it to an impostor among gangsters which would be fun too.
  • Gidget as a humorous coming-of-age drama, maybe on JTBC? With Kim Yoo-jung as Gidget. Or another throwback drama by the writers of the Answer Me 1994/7 series since the original was in the 60’s.
  • The Divorce of Lady X as a rom-com that hinges on a case of mistaken identity. Innocent young girl masquerades as a married femme fatale and secures the affections of an increasingly fretful fastidious divorce lawyer who thinks their not-a-tryst is the catalyst for not-her-divorce.


  • If you’re going to have a child as a character in a drama, can they not be accessories? Because two scenes of the main character interacting with their child do not make up for the other 16+ hours of negligence. And no, their deaths being catalysts for bloody rampages don’t count.
  • On that note, can we have more child-centric narratives? Though I generally avoid coming of age stories, I feel there is a dearth of kids getting to be the spotlight in dramas.  Feel-good stuff like Anne of Green Gables or kid detectives like Nancy Drew, Harvey Boys, and Flavia de Luce. Oh, and Holes. Or maybe I just miss my childhood?
  • Remember the “killing romance”? And that no one knew what that meant? I guess you didn’t either, but I have an idea: The teasers and posters (which were wonderful btw, I applaud) promised a darkly funny, quirky-cute whodunit with a side of romance. That’s not what we got so…Solution: Nick and Nora (The Thin Man) solve a murder and cutely bicker. Yes, technically this is an adaptation but you were so close already that we’ll overlook it. But maybe without the angsty-exes kerfuffle in the drama and fewer sequels than the original. Just a thought.
  • Where are all the dystopians?! (The only one I can think of is OCN’s Hero, which I liked though that was more of a superhero story than a dystopian)


  • Please make Villain and Widow a drama. Two hours were not enough. Don’t change a thing (the cast was perfect) just give me more!
  • I also need a drama version of Kiss Me, Kill Me. Notice a pattern yet? Dramaland needs more black comedies, don’t let the movies have all the fun!
  • Hi! Dharma would be a great drama. Think of all the gangsters-in-a-temple hi-jinks two hours left unexplored!
  • This as a movie.

Rigging the Rat-Race:

We need a more diverse spectrum of careers in k-dramaland. It’s definitely something that is improving (like carpenters and fencers and circus troupe leaders), but just throwing some ideas out:

  • Built-in fan-service:
    • mountain climber, boxer, Olympic trainee swimmer, etc.
    • male ballet dancers (comedy gold!)
    • gym trainer (also PPL opportunity for sportswear, energy drinks, etc.)
    • male model (META GOLD: so many actors who are/were models + Fashion King references readily available)
  • Built in PPL:
    • Dermatologist: Show off all the BB cream! Also, something still familiar because they are a type of doctor
    • Car salesman: Volvos galore! Plus a set archetypal personality: sleazy smooth-talker (though that may just be an American thing)
  • Other:
    • tattoo artist. I think this would be a profession where you meet lots of interesting people. Also, since in South Korea, gangsters are usually the only ones with tattoos, the tattoo artist could be an informant to the police since he knows so many gangsters. It could be an epic betrayed-bromance story, or a revenge drama, or a harrowing suspense in which the gangsters start trying to sniff out moles and you feel the tattooist’s mounting terror, or…well you get the idea
    • lady loan sharks!
    • Everyone loves a meta-ridden drama, we have dramas about actors, pop stars, and even the people who make dramas, yet somehow no comedians. It doesn’t even have to be meta-filled, it would just be neat to have one. But if we do go for meta, may I suggest Gag Drama?

What or who do you want to see (more of) in a Korean drama or movie? 


7 thoughts on “A Fool’s Plea

  1. Odessa Jones says:

    You totally mentioned two of the remakes/adaptations that come to my mind sometimes: Anne of Green Gables for pure coming-of-age sweetness and My Man Godfrey for the ultimate rom com. One of the things that got me hooked on K-dramas was that some of them remind me of old Hollywood screwball comedies of the thirties. Oh, and anything with Shin Sung Rok as a creepy bad guy WINS. Loving your ideas!

    Liked by 1 person

    • First (non-spam) comment! *cue fanfare* Anne of Green Gables would make an achingly sweet drama/movie, especially since Gilbert was known for doing the drama hero thing of teasing the girl he likes. I might have to do a whole separate list of Hollywood screwballs; so many would adapt so well. And Shin Sung-rok? Man wins at life haha. Thanks for reading!

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Odessa Jones says:

    Hey, Muser! I’ve been distracted but I’m back to fight spam! I saw your comments at DramaBeans and I think “attempting” is definitely more accurate than “attempted”! The great thing about a blog is you don’t have deadlines. So you never miss an issue. You’ve posted in the past month and I think that makes you an active blogger. Fighting!

    I thought of your blog the other day when I realized that Hitchcock’s “Spellbound” would make a completely awesome K-drama. In fact, since it has amnesia, a secret identity, a brilliant professional woman disliked by her colleagues, a sexy romance, etc., it might already be a K-drama. I wonder if Hitchcock knew?


    • Sniff Sniff. Thanks Odessa! I guess I was just really gun-ho and saw myself at least being able to post once a week and then it was all hahahahaha NO. BUT I HAVE NOT YET BEGUN TO FIGHT *Battle cry* Ahem. Anyway THAT WOULD BE AWESOME! Man now I need to go and rewatch that. Clever Hitchcock. Someone said (I think it was on Dramabeans but I can’t remember) that Otani Ryohei sorta looked like Gregory Peck so I’d cast him. Who would you cast?


  3. Lindy12 says:

    I’ve seen your comments on Dramabeans many times and have always enjoyed your pithy snark. I would very much like to see a drama based on the life of Fumiko Kaneka, the Japanese anarchist/nihilist, and her Korean lover, Pak Yeol. Or maybe it has already been done. She is a hero of mine and I would have used Fumiko as a middle name if I’d had a daughter instead of sons.


    • Glad to be of service! I do try, haha. Oh wow. I’d not heard of her before but just based on what I read from Wikipedia, I’d want to watch a drama based on her life as well. It’d be fascinating and potentially introspective watch with no extra drama frills necessary. If it hasn’t been done I hope someone does get to it.


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