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September 25, 2015 by museofmanymasks

Update on Epik Bada$$

Ahem. I’m aware this is semi-old, and it’s not so much that I forgot, just that I was avoiding the topic. I listened to Tablo and Joey Badass’ new single almost as soon as it dropped. I was pretty underwhelmed. I figured that feeling came from my existing hesitance at this collaboration and decided to reevaluate later. Then I put that off since no one would notice anyway, but now I feel bad and will at least post the song for you to evaluate for yourselves.

I don’t know if it was the mix of their styles that didn’t work for me, Code Kunst’s stylings, or just my personal taste, but meh.

Joey was either holding back or coasting. Not bad (he never is) but not his usual/best either. As for Tablo, I can count his verses as worthy of his general hype but it doesn’t change my neutrality. I think I read somewhere that Code Kunst was new, so I’ll be kind, but I had wished for something…less soft? The song just felt flat as a whole to me.

AGH! I don’t know. I wish to be more conflicted about this, but my gut says no. Better luck next time? (Like there’d be one…)


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