The Dreaded Back Log


September 4, 2015 by museofmanymasks

Alternate Title: My Drama List Page is a Liar

As many fans of Asian dramas do, I have a list of all the shows I want to watch. I am a list-person. I keep lists of chores, my novel drafts, musicians I want to check out, hopes and dreams, everything I want to do, all the things I really don’t want to do but have to, and all the things I lie about saying I will do. My sense of self-worth is closely related to how many strike-throughs there are on any given list I possess.

Therefore, it follows that like any good addict, my Asian Entertainment Queue© is no ordinary list. I have it divided into several subsections. There is one for Korean dramas, and one for Korean movies. I also keep lists for Japanese, Chinese, and Thai ent, all divided into dramas and movies respectively. I am also currently devising a system of color-coding to demonstrate my progress for maximum gratification.

Now let’s talk numbers. Before dramas, I was never much of a tv person, but I loved movies, so my movie list is by far the longest. Right now, my K-cinema list stands at around 69 films. This doesn’t weigh on me so much, because I can get through a lot of films in relatively short order, regardless of their quality, since their duration is 2 hours at most. Dramas, on the other hand…

  • 42 dramas I intend to watch
  • 16 dramas I intend to go back to.
  • Around 8 that I started and will go back eventually…maybe…not really… Well, I’ll skim, so I can say I watched it.
  • Note: These are my “don’t sound like a crazy person” numbers. There are over a dozen I tell myself I’ll start or finish, and know very well I won’t

I bet those numbers still sound crazy to you. Keep in mind that this is coming from a person who spends the same amount of time just scrolling through titles on Netflix (and every other entertainment database ever) as I do watching the daggone content. Sometimes this results in not watching anything at all. My list is not just a neat trick to stay organized. It is ESSENTIAL to ward off otherwise crippling indecision, or more often, inertia.

Where am I going with this? For the first time in about a year, I am watching no currently airing dramas, and only one drama at a time. This is actually very nice, not to mention healthy. An explanation of semi-OCD + k-drama addiction isn’t going to fly with my professors. I’m down to five episodes (!) of the hilarious low-key 2010 drama Once Upon a Time in Saengchori. It’s 20 episodes so I have no idea how that happened so fast, except that I’ve been hardcore procrastinating and around 45-minute episodes should be a required cut-off.

Off Topic Rave: For once I wish I recapped/reviewed shows because this is a fairly unsung gem, and I wish so much to squee about Ha Suk Jin’s special brand of Cold-on-the-Outside-Marshmellow-Center, and my torn loyalties with the second lead, and how I really like Lee Young Eun, and that even though those are my top mentions I love how the show isn’t solely romance, but an ensemble piece that deftly juggles workplace slice-of-life, mystery, zany comedy, and romance in a way that few dramas accomplish, not to mention million other things, but OHMYGOSH watch it now, and run-on sentence FTW!

Ahem. So anyways, since my crack drama is ending, I’m trying to decide which of the 42 dramas I should start, or which of the 16 should I finish. Should I catch up on my movie list? Should I give a crack at my newly minted J-dorama list (which currently stands at 25 shows exactly)? I need to work out a system that will get me through these lists before I’m 80. How should I balance this along with the currently airing shows I’m sure will interest me again eventually? How do you people do this?!

I guess my real problem is that when I get into something, I immediately want to become an aficionado of the topic. I just like the word aficionado, and weirdly crave the cultured but jaded aura of the elite. You have to know what you’re talking about to have a decent opinion. I can’t truthfully say “Dramaland needs more this,” and “Why don’t they do that?” if I don’t have a reasonably sized knowledge to collect from. I want to be able to name-drop writers and directors as my go-tos, not just a handful of pretty faces. (I lurv da pretteh, but I’d rather lose half an hour to Google Images than 16+ hours on a mediocre show.) I want this blog to eventually be a well-rounded archive of “Wouldn’t it be funny if dramas…” I want a ton of shit I haven’t even thought through to write lists about yet. Am I biting off more than I can chew? Oh definitely, but it tastes pretty damn good.

Except when it doesn’t….No seriously people, how do you decide what to watch?!



3 thoughts on “The Dreaded Back Log

  1. hariaharia says:

    Well, you may “dream the impossible dream”, my dear Musing. It surely sounds like learning a foreign language as an adult: You want to know every little detail of the language at the speed of light. And that, my friend, is never accomplished by anyone at all. I’m talking from personal experience and great dissapointments as well. How can we become “aficionados” in no time? I know, it’s not easy to deal with the impossible in life. Human nature keeps fighting all barriers, no matter how irrational might that be, right?
    Despite that, the only reasonable (and manageable, as far as I’m concerned) rule may be what an old professor of mine used to say: “Focus on matters that really interest you and forget about trends”. The truth is everyone tends to excel in what they do best and usually, what everyone does best is what they find the most appealing! But even that comes with multiple restrictions. Am I good at learning foreign tongues? Yes, I am! Can I learn Chinese, for example, then? Yes, in a decade and I would still be at primary school level. I’m most probably dropping that idea, to begin with if I act as the serious adult I’m trying to become.
    To make the long story short, I know I can’t be much of a help. I am someone who’s still struggling on her thesis after all. But now I do know exactly what I do NOT want and bangging my head against the wall to find what I really want. Piece of cake, indeed, LOL! That’s my small victory over my indecisive self after some good hours of analysing “me”. And that’s my constant preaching to people around me these days, too 🙂

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  2. Elle says:

    Eek. My head is spinning from this one. I totally have no idea what to tell you but if you figure it out, let me know.

    I feel the same way sometimes, and when I get really overwhelmed I just re-watch an old favorite instead of having to deal with the plethora of choices in front of me.


    • Lately, I’m choosing at random and going with my gut. Not very scientific sadly. Lighter shows are a nice escape right now. Or sometimes the overwhelmed feeling makes me just give up and read a book or exercise lol. Doesn’t take long for the list to come and haunt me again though.


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