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April 20, 2015 by museofmanymasks

I’m all for equal opportunity so I decided to give it a shot since the namjas got their turn. I could probably come up with more the other way around, as in women who always play villains/crazy second leads, that I’d like to see outside that box. Regardless, here are my entrants.

Determined to prove a hypnotist: Han Ji-min


She tends to be a hit or miss sort of actress. It’s like her writers forget to add the spice and substitute sugar for Splenda in her nice girl recipes, so you end up with a whole lot of blaahh. However, she manages to have a little more pull in darker roles. For example, her characters in Detective K: Secret of Virtuous Widow and the evil Queen Dowager in The Fatal Encounter  aren’t as alternately saccharine and bland as she is known for. Maybe she should stick to film (firmer directing too).

A seer with access to high circles uses a special fragrance to hypnotize men close to the king. This sets the enhancement of her clan’s power in motion. A battle of wills between herself and the queen, fighting to preserve her husband’s affections and his kingdom, ensues. (hypnotism inspired by c-drama Legend of Fragrance,  but it should be less hilariously incredulous here)


Determine to prove an unethical scientist: BoA


My initial idea was to take a page from Metropolis and make BoA’s entrancing dancing drive men looney enough to do her evil bidding. Then I realized she probably wants to establish herself apart from her k-pop background, which she’s managed thus far, so never mind.

New and improved proposal: a military-contracted scientist who is experimenting with a wonder drug that is meant to create super soldiers is too ambitious to consider the safety of her test subjects.


Determined to prove a ninja assassin: Yoon Jin-yi

yoon jin yi

After her aegyo bomb in A Gentleman’s Dignity, the awesome–if dim and bullheaded–tomboy in Mandate of Heaven was refreshing. I admit to being dismayed when in the few episodes of Discovery of Romance I saw she was basically a bland Candy (unless this changed?). She’s got plenty of growing room, but as a preventative measure, a trip to the dark side may be healthy.

A Goryeo era fusion in which Yoon Jin-yi belongs to a group of hired guns arrows. They generally work for rich merchants who are under the thumb of corrupt ministers. She finds herself conflicted when they are commissioned to kidnap the young prince. Eventually, our villainess’ memories of her own childhood will convict her to help the prince escape the plot against his life.

Determine to prove a haunter: Yoon Eun-hye


Maybe branching out a little further would bolster her career? After seeing this pictorial of her in all her woodland-fairy glory, I’d been stewing on what kind of mythical tale would suit her. Gumihos have been done already and the poor girl is in dire need of something fresh. Looking at other mythical creatures in Korean folklore, I came up with a mulgwishin, which I haven’t seen as a main character in dramaland. Then it hit me: a Korean adaptation of this movie. Plot points would have to change to centralize the protagonist versus antagonist theme I’m going for though.


mulgwishin cosplay–glamorized of course

Determined to prove a dancing machine: Uhm Jung-hwa


A former dancer turned bored housewife is unhappy in her marriage to the dean of a college famous for making sports stars. She decides to head and renovate the fine arts department, personally training the ballet troupe specifically to prepare them for an international tournament the school has not participated in for twenty years. Swept up in her own emotions, her passion for inspiring her students to embrace a love of dance spills over into a more illicit passion, which she must disguise to accomplish her newfound aims.


Determine to prove a lady boss: Kim Ok-bin


She doesn’t really need to fix anything, but it’d be neat to see her take her natural badassery and channel it into true evil. For entertainment’s sake I mean. And preferably on the big screen; she’s likely to end up with a better script that way. Imagine her in a similar position to Angry Mom’s Princess Han, but played straight, subtracting the Queen of Hearts theme. Basically, a Korean gangster saga, but with more estrogen.


My goal was to vary occupations and flesh out motivations more than the typical female drama villainess receives. To fully accomplish that I may or may not revisit some of these in greater detail.

Which actresses are your candidates for evilness?


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