An Anomaly of a Name


April 20, 2015 by museofmanymasks

As a reader of novels and viewer of kdramas, I look for titles to grab me. As a writer, sometimes the pithy/quirky/witty/never-before-seen title comes before I even have a plot (most advise against this, but I’m a special snowflake). Anyways the name museofmanymasks started for commenting. It was a mouthful, but I wouldn’t forget it, or be confused with someone else as might happen with a more generic name.


  • muse:
    • As in the Greek muse of comedy, Thalia, who I identify as my favorite  Grecian muse (as one does)
    • I like funny stuff (to each his own whether I myself am or not)
    •  She is also the muse of bucolic poetry. I write poetry. The bucolic part is irrelevant though I do like lamb chops.
  • many masks:
    • I’ve always been interested in masks and their cultural significance around the world whether they be for performances, wars, or ceremonies.
    • I, as well as most people on the interwebs  (and in real life), don a mask–a persona if you will–when they present themselves to the masses.
    • Also inspired by one of my favorite poems, We Wear the Mask by Paul Laurence Dunbar, which reflects the sentiment given above

Because the name is so long, it may be convenient to shorten it. Here, we run into a problem. It spells “momm”. I love my mother but am not one yet. I would argue versions of me are very motherly (depending with whom I’m talking to) but we shouldn’t jinx anything right? This is a dilemma. Can I be like Prince and just address myself as the Blogger Formerly Known As [insert name of the month]? You all can keep calling me Muse or whatever. Wait, that’s not any shorter. Hmph. Luckily, the blog shortens much better, see? it spells MUFO which is almost like MOFO, and therefore amusing.

One day, #mommisamufo will trend on Twitter. Please support my delusions of grandeur.


6 thoughts on “An Anomaly of a Name

  1. Elle says:

    This is so funny. I always have a tendency to shorten your name to muse. I did so w/o asking if it was okay & I actially spent time wondering if I should run it by you (overthinker I am). I have a tendency to shorten everyone’s name or make up nicknames for ppl & this has led me into some scuffles with ppl who hate that sort of thing & call me out on my presumptuousness. Reading this makes me rethink my contined shortening of your name, lol!

    By the by–I love PLD’s We Wear the Mask too! Especially that line –we smile but oh great Christ our cries to thee from tortured souls arise. That line does it toe everytime. I love the Harlem Renaissance poetry in general. My first son is named after one of the poets & Dunbar was on my list of possible names for my 2nd son, but hubby didn’t like it. He prefers plain traditional names & said Dunbar was too weird & our kid would get picked on. But I still think it’s a nice name.

    Que sera sera.


    • heh I don’t mind it being shortened. In RL I have an unusual name so I’ve gone by a nickname since childhood, so this is nothing. I love that line too. That poem marked a milestone for me so its very special. Having grown up with a “weird” name I say you made the right decision by your son, though it would’ve been an awesome tribute. Kids are terribly mean.


      • Elle says:

        HaHa. I should know better than anyone how awful it is to have a bad name. I legally changed my name to my middle name b/c I hated my first name for years, but I still tended to like unique names when it came to my children. Your response was very diplomatic, but don’t worry. I don’t offend easily. My best friend & my sister still hate my oldest son’s name & are not afraid to admit it to my face. And I still love it.


        • Haha wait I wasn’t being diplomatic! I think I will give my future kids unique names too. Builds character lol. Its just the insulting nicknames that are the issue. What if kids had called your son Dungbar or something?! Besides that, once you get past having to pronounce your name for people, it’s nice feeling like a special snowflake. When I was a kid there was no less than 2-4 girls named Sarah in my grade, a headache that I will never experience. XD


          • Elle says:

            Lmbo! It’s all good & I understand. I cannot tell you the names I got called with my former first name. I should have the worst self esteem in the world due to the ridicule I endured, but I was way too stubborn to be taken down. My husband agrees w/you though, lol.

            Liked by 1 person

            • Oh the nicknames! Meee toooo! then someone told me that I shouldn’t feel bad for the immaturity/stupidity of others. And then like the nerd I was I would look up words in the dictionary to insult them in ways they couldn’t understand, Good times. Good times.


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