O! My Henry (Take Two)

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April 14, 2015 by museofmanymasks

First a foreword. This has been in my drafts for I forget how many weeks, but I could not cast some of these proposals to save my life. Feel free to fill in the blanks!


Madame Bo-peep of Ranches: (If you’ve read it, all together now: Awwww!) Young society widow,  Octavia Beaupree, retires destitute to her late husband’s last holdings, a sheep ranch out west in Texas. Who is the foreman but her once good ole buddy ole pal, Theodore (Teddy) Westlake? Or were they more than friends?

Why it would make a good drama: A woman who gives up love for wealth gets a second chance for friends to become lovers. Can’t get more instant-classic than this.


SettingThe Good, the Bad, and the Weird taught me that Korea’s Wild West was Manchuria.  I guess to have the full effect of that we could set it in the Occupation era.

Plot: The most difficult task will be to fill 16 episodes. First, let’s make the hubby Japanese. Then there can be a subplot of Teddy having become a foreman on the ranch as a spy for the resistance. And why should he have all the fun? Instead of her just marrying for normal latch-onto-rich-guy ambition, what if she wed  the Colonel with the intent to act as an informant, thereby adding to the tragedy of their missed chance. Oh wait…ranch…a…goat farm? and/or horses? I think that makes sense, and the workers can be Mongolian.


Some lady as Octavia

???? HELP as Teddy

Somebody else as Colonel Hubby (for the purpose of flashback)


The Memento: A small time Broadway actress who had retired to the country to start a new life returns to tell her friend of the misadventure.

Why it would make a good drama: You could probably get some fish out of water hijinks with this one. Plus there’s always the ridiculously extreme opposites attract trope which is common drama fare. Note: The first time I read this long ago I misunderstood and thought Rosalie and Lynette were chorus  girls, which reading again for this post they were not. But since my mental image won’t listen, I adjusted my adaptation accordingly.


Setting: You could really go either way with this one by which I mean place it in modern Korea or further back. Maybe early 2000s as the middle ground?

Plot: An infamous hostess, the whispered “Princess of Seoul,” retreats to the countryside (or seaside, prettier vistas) to start a new life, and falls for an unassuming local.  (his being ordained  is optional though it adds a nice irony. If not, he can be a mechanic or fisherman?) This should probably be a drama special of 1 or 2 episodes so as not to burden the original with unnecessary tropes for the purpose of stuffing…but if we were talking expansion, she could’ve been a witness to a crime or the target of an attempted crime and runs away for safety. In addition to her returning due to disappointments in love, the encounter mentally girds her to face whatever she’s running from.


?? as Rosalie Ray

Han Eu-ddeum  as Miss Lynnette D’Armande: I picture her jaded and perpetually bored

han eu ddeum

Dying Sad Eyes aka Kim Jae Seung as Reverend Arthur Lyle: His aura just fits the equivalent of how I imagine the Reverend: the mournful specter with a poet philosopher’s soul. Don’t you see it?!


Han Jung-soo as antagonist and/or detective if we go with the crime plot.



The Ransom of Red Chief: Two bumbling criminals suffer for their  “ingenious” kidnapping scheme meant to provide capital for further mischief when they discover the “victim” is a force to be reckoned with, one his parents are reluctant in retrieving.

Why it would make a good drama: bumbling criminals + cute kid wreaking havoc=win

Setting: Though I don’t know precisely how this would work in a modern setting given modernity which on a good day prevents strangers from hijacking kids, with a little creative license (stranger things have aired), I’m fairly certain this would work. Again this requires a rural area outside of Seoul, so more pretty vistas! (Real me doesn’t like outside, but couch kimchi me likes to see outside on tv…No, I don’t have a problem, I just don’t like bugs why do you ask?)

Plot: Eight to ten episodes would be more than enough. Most of the original framework would work. They can be petty gangsters from Seoul who are down on their luck because the rest of their syndicate was imprisoned for motive.


Nam Da-reum  as Red Chief (or is he too old? First male child actor I thought of). I guess the Korean equivalent to a little white boy playing Indian would be a Korean playing Manchurian (just guessing don’t shoot).


Kim Sung Oh and Choi Dae Cheol as Hank and Bill respectively


I thought of no one besides the illustrious duo  Lee Il-hwa and Sung Dong-il  to bring to life the characters of Mr. and Mrs. Ebensezer Dorset because I’m sure their crazy kid being held for ransom and their response would’ve resulted in some potentially hilarious conversations.


Would it look something like this?

This last one is the one I want to see the most. With this cast, I’m giggling already.

Which of these O Henry stories is your favorite? Which do you want to see the most? Casting ideas?


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